Prayers & Ceremonies

Goma Ritual


Goma, or homa in Sanskrit, means to burn. This ceremony represents the burning of bonnou, which is the source of suffering, by Buddha’s fire of wisdom.

For the Goma Ritual, a platform is set up with various offerings in front of the Fudō Myō-ō. Then, a special firewood named Goma-ki is burnt down, and mantras are chanted in Mikkyō’s characteristic prayers.

The Goma fire is the symbol of wisdom, and the firewood represents bonnou (the source of suffering).  Through the Goma Ritual, the bonnnou represented by firewood is burned down by Fudō Myō-ō’s fire of wisdom, and along with the believers, their wishes are purified while they pray for their fulfillment.

Available prayers are:

– household safety
– business prosperity
– health safety
– protection against disasters
– warding off evil
– recovery from illness
– success for surgical operation
– recovery from injury
– fulfillment of one’s earnest wishes
– company prosperity
– project prosperity
– construction work safety
– work safety
– traffic safety
– travel safety
– easy childbirth
– protection against rokusan
– protection against housai
– fortune safety
– healthiness
– success for exams
– success to find employment
– studies fulfillment
– better fortune
– prayer for a newborn baby
– thanking, etc.
Goma Rituals can be requested for the same day only. For this reason, please make sure to finish your registration at the reception at least 10 minutes before the start of the ceremony.
The reception is located inside the Hōrin Kaku (the paper amulets area).
The schedule for Goma Rituals can be found here.


The Goma Ritual fees
  • Large Daigoma Ritual (58cm) – More than ¥30,000
  • Medium Chugoma Ritual (52cm) – ¥10,000
  • Goma Ritual (45cm) – ¥5,000
  • Goma Ritual (37cm) – ¥3,000
  • Kaichusatsu – ¥3,000
  • Prayer for traffic safety – ¥3,000



Only available from January 1st to February 11
Misfortune removal fan ¥500
Transportation fan ¥500
Big rake ¥1,000
Small rake ¥500
Big hamaya arrow ¥1,000
Small hamaya arrow ¥500
Eathern bell ¥500
Good luck charm (3 colors) ¥500


Available all year round
Protection ¥500
Warding off evil ¥500
Success ¥500
Health ¥500
Success, passing (for exams) ¥500
Protection (wood charm) ¥300
Traffic safety ¥300
Warding off evil (wood charm) ¥300
Good fortune (wood charm) ¥300
Protection against disasters ¥300
Easy childbirth ¥300
Theft prevention ¥300
Fire protection ¥300
Epidemic prevention ¥300
Trump card ¥300
Easy childbirth ¥500
Paper talisman ¥500
Charm with bell ¥700
Children knapsack-shaped charm ¥600
Leather key holder charm (3 colors) ¥1,000
Silver lighter charm ¥1,500
Heirloom ¥200
Fudō Myō-ō-shaped ¥500
Fudō-kō ¥1,000
Seal stamp book ¥1,200
Shingyō fan ¥2,000
Fudō crystal ¥500
Eto ema ¥500
Japanese zodiac charm ¥500


Stamp Books

It’s the number 14 on the grounds’ map.


Prayers for Shichi-go-san and newborn babies

Prayers for the healthiness of Shichi-go-san children are made everyday in October and November, and all year round for newborn babies.

Prayers Hours
Prayers hours are decided according to the Goma Rituals.

The schedule for the Goma Rituals are found on this page.

Prayers Fees
From ¥3,000 (including offerings).
Inside the hall, children have sit in the center, with their families sitting behind them.


Funeral Hall

Kannon-in Branch Temple

Takahatafudo’s Kannon-in branch temple is a funeral hall where general funerals take place.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries regarding the funeral hall (tel. 042-591-8871).


Facilities Reception (tent not required)
  Toilets for disabled people
  Coin locker, public telephone
  Parking lots


Our request
Please note that we do not take responsibility for accidents and theft in the parking lots.
Please refrain from bringing in food and drinks.
Please do not damage the building and the equipments, and be careful for anything that could start a fire.